Why Business is Like an Adventure…

When people talk about a business, the word “adventure” doesn’t come up in general. Most likely, words like money, power, deals, win, loss etc. comes up. I am a big fan of adventure stories and I get to listen to business talk at home all the time. Thinking about the two items together, I see a clear connection between business and adventure in more ways than one. I admit, both seemed somewhat apart at first glance, but after a closer look, I could tell they were not. In this short article, I have picked three ways where you can see the connection clearly. Those three ways are purpose, teams and the journey.

Let’s look at the three ways in detail:

1. Purpose:

The first connection I saw between the two was that both have a similar purpose. Running a business has a clear purpose — from that first order to someday getting acquired, going IPO or becoming a huge private company. An adventure also has a purpose, as all adventures are mainly a quest to reach the group’s end goal. For example, climbing Mount Everest would be considered an adventure, a big one at it. Well, it’s simply a quest to reach the the top, isn’t it? If one thinks about it, business is also a quest to reach the team’s end goals.

2. Teams:

The second connection I saw was that both require strong teams comprised of people that can trust and complement each other. Everyone, no matter how smart they are, goes into business with a team of people. Forget about business, people go into much smaller things with teams as well. Going back to our adventure example of Mount Everest, no one can start on a such a quest alone. It requires a strong team effort to get to the top. One would be ridiculed if they tried to do it alone. It just isn’t humanly possible. The same applies to a business as well.

3. Journeys:

The last but not least of the connections I saw was that both journeys are filled with ups and downs. While starting out, or while expanding to new countries, a business is bound to experience some rough patches in its journey. An adventure will also have its ups and downs, as seen in the classic book The Count of Monte Cristo. In this book, Edmond experiences some rough patches, shown by him being unfairly put in jail and him losing the love of his life Roxanne. He also experiences some ups, however, when he finds the money and when he defeats those who jailed him. Journeys are the most fulfilling parts in both cases.

To summarize, I believe that a business is similar to an adventure because both of them share similar characteristics as outlined above. The mindset of viewing a business as an adventure could also help to make the journey more fulfilling as it need not be just about calculations and paperwork.

About Sumukh Setty:

Sumukh is a budding author (First Book: What We Wish We Could Do At School). You can follow him on Twitter at @SumukhSetty.

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