3 Ways to Effectively Market to Children

The children market is a very unique one. They are the backbone of many business, even though they don’t make any purchases themselves. Even then, there are certain tactics that we can use to make kids want the product and the parents buy it for them. Here are 3 ways to effectively market to children.

1. Make It an “Cool” Toy

Kids these days want to fit in, and be popular with their peers. No kid wants to feel left out, so making the product seem like every other kid has it already is a big step towards getting that kid to buy it. It’s almost like how a lot of my friends bought smartphones just because everyone else had one, and they didn’t want to feel left out. Peer pressure is one of the best ways to get children to buy something.

2. Demonstrate Great Value

Since the product will in the end, be bought by the parent, the product needs to show great value, so that the parents are convinced. The kid has to basically sell the product to its parent, so if it is overpriced or doesn’t do much, it will be hard for them to buy it. Kids just care about the toy itself, so this tip mainly goes towards the person actually behind the buy, the parent.

3. Safety

All parents care deeply about their kid’s safety. None of them want their kid to get hurt, especially not from some toy or board game. So, if you’re product doesn’t have built in safety features, or isn’t safe overall, the parent is reluctant to buy it. Now, im not saying that the product should be safe to the point where the child can’t play with it, but it needs to be safe enough that the parent is comfortable.

As you can see from above, there are many different ways to reach kids. This is just 3 of the vast amount of directions there are to reach kids, and I hope that at least one works. After all, these kids could end up being your main source of revenue for your business. Due to how quickly they can spread something, they certainly have the potential to.

About Sumukh Setty:

Sumukh is a budding author (First Book: What We Wish We Could Do At School). You can follow him on Twitter at @SumukhSetty.

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